Inky things and papery things


penguy: Any signs of Spring, tulips showing, pussywillow out, and crocus here. Mar 16, 2024 1:38:13 GMT
Mia: Do bloomin' dandelions count? Mar 16, 2024 20:35:34 GMT
penguy: If a dandelion shows its yellow head my wife quickly grabs her dandelion digger and dispatches it! Ever had dandelion wine? Mar 18, 2024 4:30:12 GMT
Mia: Still not yet! Mar 18, 2024 12:56:20 GMT
Steph Walford: never tried it but heard about it Mar 20, 2024 21:18:20 GMT
distractedmom: , we made dandelion wine in my college botany course Apr 1, 2024 15:44:13 GMT
penguy: The only college chemistry course I have taken was one on wine making. Apr 2, 2024 19:44:14 GMT
distractedmom: Well, that sounds like a fun course, ! Apr 8, 2024 15:08:40 GMT
distractedmom: Anyone here in the path of totality for today's eclipse? I'll be at about 94-95%. Apr 8, 2024 15:09:11 GMT
Mia: overcast here for a little partial... Apr 8, 2024 18:57:07 GMT
Mia: I'm in 5 minute partial land, but overcast Apr 8, 2024 19:04:12 GMT
Gary S: We had 97.6% coverage in Checotah, OK. It was pretty cool. Literally. The temps dropped about 15 degrees and all the photosensitive lights turned on around town at the peak of the eclipse. Apr 8, 2024 19:12:33 GMT
Steph Walford: I remember the total eclipse in 1999. Made these cardboard things to view it safely Apr 8, 2024 20:20:31 GMT
Mia: went to sw ireland for that - overbloomin'cast Apr 8, 2024 21:16:40 GMT
radellaf: Clear view of 85% and no leaves to dapple the pavement in crescents. Had glasses. Meh. Anyone for Spain 2026? Apr 11, 2024 16:07:30 GMT
distractedmom: , I regretted not driving the three hours to get to totality. I'm sure a trip to Spain would make me feel better. Apr 14, 2024 1:11:44 GMT
allanorn: I'd rather not deal with my regrets, but if I have to I'll go to Barcelona to watch an eclipse to make up for missing out this time. Apr 14, 2024 20:04:40 GMT
sunshine2170: Happy birthday Apr 17, 2024 3:45:45 GMT
josenb: Hey everyone, am new here. i would like to have real letter friends. I like writing real letters. I love them, they seem to me more meaningful and more personal. Apr 24, 2024 17:15:17 GMT
ginny: Welcome, - feel free to tell us a bit more about yourself in the 'Introductions' section and join into the conversations on here - that will make it easier for you to 'meet' people :wave1: Apr 24, 2024 20:02:50 GMT
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