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distractedmom: , I keep looking at them, but I am being strong Mar 13, 2023 1:26:08 GMT
Steph Walford: Welcome :D Mar 14, 2023 13:13:12 GMT
Mia: stompie - there's an old thread you might want to add to. s-mail.proboards.com/thread/984/oops-letters-sent-wrong-penpal Mar 17, 2023 22:21:54 GMT
Mia: crumbs... www.theguardian.com/business/2023/mar/27/royal-mail-bosses-threaten-to-declare-insolvency-as-pay-talks-near-collapse Mar 27, 2023 21:11:10 GMT
Mia: sorting postbox photos, oh what fun, and so many boxes Apr 4, 2023 0:31:46 GMT
Mia: still haven't finished cataloguing Apr 4, 2023 22:59:49 GMT
sunshine2170: would love to see your collection of postboxes, I think they are fascinating. We have a lot of gorgeous and different ones on the island Apr 10, 2023 20:05:40 GMT *
Mia: I've shared a small selection to instagram... but that's only the tip of the iceberg Apr 10, 2023 20:43:32 GMT
Mia: I'll see what I can do.... Apr 10, 2023 20:43:46 GMT
radellaf: Wanna like the X159 but it makes me keep my fingertips a bit far from the nib tip. Teal body is very nice tho, worth having one for $6 of AE. Apr 11, 2023 15:05:35 GMT
stompie: Ah, I prefer a distance between my fingers and the nib tip as it allows me a lighter touch/stroke. Apr 12, 2023 17:49:44 GMT
radellaf: Hand geometry thing, probably. I haven't had the problem with any other pen, shy of a M1000, so if it's something you prefer then wow is the X159 a good deal! Apr 13, 2023 14:49:57 GMT
stompie: Interesting. Isn't the M1000 that one they compare the X159 to? Apr 14, 2023 12:53:37 GMT
allanorn: Either the MB 146 or 149; I can't remember which Apr 15, 2023 22:04:47 GMT
although: Back from our UK / Ireland adventures! Found a rather nice Parker 61 in used bookstore in Lyme Regis. Sent some positive waves Mia's way as we rolled through Holyhead to catch a ferry :) Apr 24, 2023 20:34:00 GMT
iamtdogg: - Montblanc 146 dupe would be a Majohn P136 or a Wing Sung 629! Montblanc 149 dupe is the Jinhao 159/x159 Apr 29, 2023 20:43:39 GMT
radellaf: Alas, no dupe with a raven, or snake, on the nib. // Proboards quit blacklisting my VPN IP, yay. May 1, 2023 17:22:03 GMT
alcyone: I like the X159 a lot. I have their sailor clone too, I think it's supposed to be like a progear or something, and it's really pleasant. May 6, 2023 18:18:28 GMT
stompie: Yay, home from holiday! May 6, 2023 22:55:02 GMT
Steph Walford: looked like you had a good time May 8, 2023 22:27:16 GMT
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