The Stationery Graveyard


Mia: . Jan 4, 2024 12:18:37 GMT
Mia: Today hasn't been a good day. Jan 5, 2024 3:05:25 GMT
Gilly: Awwww (((HUGS))) hope today is panning out a bit better for you :-* Jan 5, 2024 13:54:35 GMT
Mia: today is a better day! Jan 5, 2024 21:42:42 GMT
yubaprof: Hello everyone, I am a retired community college prof (history) from the northern Sierra Nevada foothills of California. I am a daily fountain pen user who enjoys hand written communication. I am looking forward to participating in this forum. Jan 6, 2024 7:14:42 GMT
penguy: Welcome, great to have another fountain pen user in the group. Jan 6, 2024 21:35:02 GMT
stompie: It has suddenly turned rather cold here! Jan 7, 2024 15:21:05 GMT
Mia: still some ice in the garden Jan 7, 2024 17:25:50 GMT
Mia: Jan 9, 2024 0:27:24 GMT
sunshine2170: Welcome sit down and enjoy our company virtually Jan 20, 2024 22:42:07 GMT
thatauthor: Glad to be back after a too long hiaatus. Hope everyone is doing well. It's been a rainy weekend in NJ. Jan 28, 2024 18:26:42 GMT
sails: Raining way too much here, too! Jan 30, 2024 18:54:30 GMT
Steph Walford: Welcome to February :D Feb 1, 2024 20:16:48 GMT
Mia: still working on questions, got one done Feb 4, 2024 0:59:42 GMT
Mia: 5 questions thought of Feb 5, 2024 1:21:31 GMT
Gilly: I'm gonna think of some questions today :-X Late again :umm: Feb 11, 2024 13:41:52 GMT
Gilly: Busy day today as I had to cut my holiday short to go into work for 5hrs then in the afternoon, as it was sunny, I went birding. Feb 16, 2024 21:34:29 GMT
dlh: Hello folks... I'm a retired photographer, a musician/composer, fountain pen enthusiast, dog-lover, some-time poet, enjoying the sunshine and living on the edge of the Sonoran Desert just outside of NE Scottsdale. Nice to meet you all! Don Feb 20, 2024 23:47:25 GMT *
Mia: :tea2: Welcome Feb 21, 2024 12:16:03 GMT
sunshine2170: Welcome Don, settle in and have fun with us Feb 22, 2024 7:09:24 GMT
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