New and different papers


Gilly: It would certainly make me VOMIT the bug out!!!!!! :haha: Not very good with anything stronger than lambrini *wimp!* and horse radish ~ from what I remeember of the first time I tried it ~ is too evil to even consider putting anywhere near my mouth!!!! Oct 8, 2019 23:05:12 GMT *
gbryal: horseradish vodka sounds interesting Oct 9, 2019 0:28:02 GMT
gbryal: might pair well with a roast beef sandwich Oct 9, 2019 0:28:10 GMT
Gilly: *phew* I dodged the horse radish bullet....feeling a LOT better today :wave1: I think I'm going to live *yippeeeeeee* :sun: Oct 9, 2019 8:21:03 GMT *
mistero: Yaaaaaay you are alive ! Oct 9, 2019 18:49:38 GMT
mistero: Also : I've got an idea for a new thread but I don't know where to post it. The idea is to tell (one by one) about the stamps we use and what does it represent. For example, I am now using stamps representing French architectural and culinary patrimonial. Oct 9, 2019 18:51:32 GMT
Steph Walford: What on earth is a horse radish bullet Gilly? Know of horse radish but no bullet :S xx Oct 10, 2019 9:54:40 GMT
Gilly: Hahaha it's just my saying for dodging the thankfully managing to avoid having to eat horse radish which I absolutely Can Not Stand Oct 10, 2019 14:01:52 GMT
Steph Walford: I like Horseradish not like massively but do not mind it x Oct 10, 2019 16:12:50 GMT
Mia: drinking it? Oct 11, 2019 0:36:54 GMT
Steph Walford: Eh what Mia? x Oct 11, 2019 16:03:03 GMT
Mia: horseradish vodka Oct 11, 2019 18:39:54 GMT
although: gin martini, about 3:1... with an olive for me please Oct 12, 2019 2:16:12 GMT
penguy: Horseradish vodka....sounds horrible!!!! horseradish vodka would probably either cure or kill. Give me a dark and stormy though. Oct 14, 2019 1:54:41 GMT
Gilly: Woohoo got a phone call completely out of the blue this morning from Argos! Lady asked me if I was still interested in a job then asked me a few questions.Proper interview next Monday! Fingers crossed I get the job, even if it's just until after Christmas Oct 14, 2019 20:00:56 GMT
Mia: Yay! Oct 14, 2019 22:28:17 GMT
Steph Walford: All best Gilly x Oct 15, 2019 11:11:04 GMT
Mia: Hmm, possible RM strike on the cards... Oct 15, 2019 18:55:40 GMT
Mia: I may have to send Season's Greetings out next month. Oct 15, 2019 18:55:52 GMT
Gilly: Yes, Neil mentioned something about that today when he got home from work! We;ll keep an eye on things and if needs be get the Christmas Cards sent out early like you say. Oct 15, 2019 22:25:20 GMT