Those little additions to the envelope


eefa: ha ha... let us know how that works for you (rofl) Sept 19, 2020 11:54:14 GMT
penguy: Here seed catalogs are a sign of Spring being almost here. In England they must want you to plan and dream about your plantings all winter! Sept 20, 2020 2:18:24 GMT
davidv: The seed catalogue I receive usually comes in late January Sept 20, 2020 13:22:26 GMT
Gilly: My favourite seed catalogue arrives in early December...from the Heritage Seed Library! Loads of old-fashioned varieties you cannot find's SO hard to just choose six! :-X Sept 20, 2020 22:24:17 GMT
Mia: Maybe we can put our heads together for that Gilly... Probably going for at least one tomato, some dfb and cfb, maybe a pea too.. Sept 20, 2020 23:40:17 GMT
Mia: Been looking through the Kings seeds catalogue Sept 20, 2020 23:41:28 GMT
Gilly: Yes, that would be good Mia....I always like to try a squash too. I finally got my mitts on some Tigrella tomato seeds the October issue of Grow Your Own. 15 seeds in the pack so if you'd like some just let me know :)) Sept 21, 2020 9:06:51 GMT *
Mia: Tigerella was mentioned in the Hessayon book. 35? years ago, I badgered my dad for them. We did get and grow them back then. Sept 21, 2020 10:58:45 GMT
Catida: Do you plant anything now in autumn? I got a tiny square from our shared vegetable garden and now I should decide what to try.. Sept 21, 2020 14:20:31 GMT
Catida: (I should add I have absolutely no green finger.) Sept 21, 2020 14:21:11 GMT
Mia: In a month or two, I might sow some broad beans, and peas to overwinter. Garlic too Sept 21, 2020 18:08:26 GMT
Mia: There are some salads, given shelter, can do quite well in winter Sept 21, 2020 18:08:43 GMT
Gilly: I'll be temporarily putting some garlic and elephant garlic cloves into pots to start them off soon. As to the rest of the allotment I'm keeping it bare of crops this winter whilst I clear it of weeds, pull the shed down, build new beds etc. Sept 21, 2020 21:42:13 GMT
Mia: Sow some coriander - then, when you weed, you'll have a nice aroma to weed to. Sept 22, 2020 21:41:50 GMT
Gilly: I've got a herb garden in mind as I was so inspired by the chat with Jekka McVicar on the Organic Garden Podcast two months ago. I'm clueless about using herbs in cooking so want to learn :)) Sept 23, 2020 12:09:33 GMT
penguy: Mia, have you noticed any temperature changes over say the last 10 years. Minnesota has been warming but I don't think I would sow broad beans and peas here. We can still get temperatures close to -30˚F a time or two over winter. But 90˚F Summers. Sept 24, 2020 0:05:09 GMT
Mia: Some of the things, say, some garlic wants a bit of a cold snap. Winters though recently haven't been that cold. We've had snows but not much snow. The farmer remembers hedgerow-depth of snow... Sept 24, 2020 0:57:45 GMT
Gilly: I don't think we've had a proper winter with days/weeks of deep snow since 2010/11. The Beast From The East in March 2018 was just a freak condition so I don't class that as normal winter weather. Sept 24, 2020 9:55:39 GMT
rosesnbrambles: Two of my 3 girls are home for a few days! I haven't seen them in 6 weeks. The oldest is joining a friend at her family's beach house instead. Sept 24, 2020 16:05:06 GMT
Serendipity: That's great news! Enjoy and have a wonderful time together! Sept 25, 2020 12:09:43 GMT