USPS 2020 Stamps, plus potential rate hike


Mia: The one, well, you can forgive... life throws up obstacles.... I'm hoping a solution can be found. Jan 15, 2020 14:10:42 GMT
Mia: You can sign up in one of the threads here... Jan 15, 2020 14:11:38 GMT
marti: Still trying to figure out how this the shout box down but not how to post in a thread or reply to a post in a thread. Jan 15, 2020 14:42:35 GMT
stompie: marti, I did a Hello for you in the intro thread. Perhaps you can reply to that otherwise......MMMMIIIAAA! Jan 15, 2020 17:14:17 GMT
mailartist: Marti: The best thing to do is to look around some of the threads, and make a few comments. Once you've done that, the system will know you're a real person (and not computer AI), and you'll be able to see more content. Jan 15, 2020 17:22:49 GMT
mailartist: It's not a way to keep genuine people out, but instead to keep spam at bay. Jan 15, 2020 17:23:21 GMT
mailartist: :welcome: to the group, here, BTW. Jan 15, 2020 17:23:55 GMT *
Mia: :coffeebath: and running errands... Mobile phone keyboard screen tiddly for typing missives Jan 15, 2020 17:36:59 GMT
marti: How does one reply, or comment in a thread, or whatever it is called? I’m not sure about this. At the very top of my iPad it says: Jan 15, 2020 22:29:21 GMT
marti: not secure - Jan 15, 2020 22:30:27 GMT
marti: Thanks for the ‘hello’ stompie, mailartist, and ginny. Jan 15, 2020 22:34:28 GMT
Mia: Well done, you created a post. The quick reply button is above the shoutbox & underneath the last post on the page of a thread, but there is a reply button at the top of a post too (but this takes you to a new page to reply) Jan 15, 2020 23:42:50 GMT
christyotwisty: Marti, 'not secure -' means the information your browser gives the site -- passwords, messages, credit card info could be viewed by others. I don't see anyone's passwords or private messages not directed to me. Jan 16, 2020 1:12:35 GMT
christyotwisty: Conditions (severe cold, ice) are such that we did not receive mail today. The public-facing Canada Post kiosk in the local pharmacy closed at noon. Jan 16, 2020 1:13:31 GMT
Mia: I think sometimes the adverts knock it off https (secure) Jan 16, 2020 1:38:50 GMT
Mia: or maybe the cookies too. Not sure what I can do about this... Jan 16, 2020 1:45:47 GMT
Mia: Anyone want to start a tag for Feb? Jan 16, 2020 12:00:47 GMT
Mia: this is an interesting read Jan 17, 2020 10:14:17 GMT
alcyone: you'd need to set up the .htaccess in the phpbb host to always redirect http to https (good idea) Jan 17, 2020 11:57:33 GMT
Mia: Jan 17, 2020 13:05:42 GMT